Friday, October 12, 2012


Though we would call in a ladybird in this part of the world. Last week, Totally Tutorials had a link to a tutorial for making a Dragon hooded towel. I followed the link and found Amber's Crazy Little Projects blog.   Not only was there a dragon towel, but a frog, a monkey, and a ladybug too. Just what I  need for a baby shower I'm going to next week. On Wednesday I managed to buy the correct colour towels for two ladybirds and a monkey. I'm sure my youngest granddaughters would like these towels too.  The tutorial was clear and easy to follow, without being overly detailed. I changed the shape of the antennae a bit - perhaps ladybirds and ladybugs have different antennae?


  1. We call them ladybirds too in the UK. I think (dare I say it) that ladybug is a far better name. Am I becoming 'Americanised'? LOVE the towel.

  2. Ladybug makes much more sense, you're right!

  3. Thanks for sharing that and way to go on it! Very cute!