Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Caterpillars Plain and Fancy

Charlene Chongololo is too big to go on a bookmark and the fancy caterpillar is too heavy. But Jane Eborall's plain caterpillar is perfect to be glued to the top of a bookmark. I realised after I'd made the fancy one that I had not followed the pattern correctly on the first ring, so the eyes not quite right. I made corrections when I did the plain one, you can see the difference in the photo.

I took my tatting along to another church hall yesterday. I didn't make any converts, but a dozen more people know what tatting is and how it is created. And I did sell some tatting. One lady bought a length of split ring braid to decorate a dress for her granddaughter. Another bought three bookmarks and a packet of Christmas tree decorations. So that was good.