Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting ready for school

My granddaughter Nellie will be starting school soon in New Zealand. Naturally she will need a book bag. Naturally Ouma (that's me) is happy to make one for her. Such a blank canvas is tempting to a tatter, but I'm trying to keep it business-like. I did add a dangle to the pencil case zip. It  can easily be removed if it's too frivolous. I also gave the pencil case a  bright lining which will be hidden when the case is closed. I think a tatted bookmark might be in order......


  1. What a lovely bag! - she's such a long way from you, do you make the trip often, to visit?

    1. It is a long way! We went there in 2010, but no, we don't visit often. Glad of e-mails and sms messages. Communication is easier than it once was.

  2. that is darling. what a lucky little girl to have such a handy grandmother.

  3. Very cute! :o) I bet she'll love it

  4. Thanks everyone, I hope it will fit the bill.