Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cluny Progress

Ok. The unevenness of my clunies was something to do with the way I was closing the ring. The answer is to pinch the cluny between forefinger and thumb while closing the ring. Next thing to work on is the gap or loop I sometimes get at the base of the cluny. That must be due to  the way I'm setting up the 'loom'. At the moment I sometimes get it right and sometimes don't. You can see on the left of the picture, for instance, a gap between the chain and the following cluny. More work needed!

The motif was designed by Stephanie Peters. The thread is size 20 Cebelia that I dyed. I haven't hidden the ends because there are too many faults in these motifs for them to be used, they're just practice pieces.

Thanks to jennytats who pointed me in the direction of Elisa du Sud's blog. I have seen it before when blog hopping, but wasn't sure where. Amazing work with clunies, very inspiring.


  1. Those look really good for a start!! :)

  2. Jane, Iyou are inspiring! I have fiddled with clunies here and there but I think I'll give them another try. Your practice pieces look lovely.

  3. It has felt like a bit of a battle at times, but if it inspires you, that's wonderful!!