Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Preparations for tomorrow's tatting talk

I've wound ten shuttles with size 10 thread and tatted Jane's butterfly in a range of threads, from sewing thread to knitting 4-ply, to show that tatting doesn't necessarily require fine thread. Carien, the lady who phoned me, asked if the ladies could make something to take away with them, so I have created a card with ultrasimple motifs that everyone will hopefully be able to make. And I've tried to find out tatting terms in Dutch. Why? Because in this part of South Africa, the dominant language is Afrikaans, derived from Dutch. Granted that the ladies speak English much better than I speak Afrikaans, I thought it would be interesting to have the right terms. After a lot of trawling, I eventually came across Helen's blog Goudenreging which is in Dutch and English, which gave me some clues.

 One interesting site I came across during my search said that in the Western Cape Correctional Services, tatting is taught to inmates. It said that some of them even 'claimed to enjoy it'! See how I get diverted? I had better go and finish my preparations.