Monday, October 8, 2012

Cluny Conquered?

Not absolutely, I need to get the shape of my clunies more consistent. But I have more or less got the hang of the technique. The white motif is Cluny Motif by Jennifer Williams. The pink one is Rose de Noel by Elisa du Sud, translated by Mimi Dillman, which I found on It is #4 for my 25 Motif Challenge.

I even had a go at creating a cluny leaf edging:


  1. I have never made any cluny leaf, and I think it requires lots of courage to have a go.
    Your cluny motifs are wonderful, and great applause for you!

  2. Thanks very much. I set myself the challenge of learning new techniques, phew, some are tricky!

  3. You've made great progress! That's a technique that intrigues me, but not to the point of trying it... I think I'll stick with simple rings and chains!

    1. :-) there's something to be said for sticking with rings and chains!

  4. Your orange motif is lovely! Your clunies have really improved!

  5. You seem to be doing well with those clunies!!! :)
    Everything looks so pretty!! :)