Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cluny Confusion

I used Jennifer Williams' instructions to learn to tat cluny leaves. I did improve with practice. But here's my question: why is it that when I tighten the rings, two sections of the leaf are fine, but one is loose and scruffy? I had a look at other instructions, but I couldn't find anything that would answer the question, so I'm hoping someone reading this can tell me. Please.


  1. I don't know because I have not seen this happen, but I think possibly you have somehow got the three retreads in the wrong order. Try Elise du Sud's web site for a video or possibly YouTube. I think this is a technique that is more easily learnt by watching rather than from written instructions.
    Hope you get it sorted, I really enjoy making clunied now that I have finally conquered it

    1. Thanks very much Jenny. I have now watched a video or two. Not sure I have the answer, but I'll just have to keep practising, make sure I don't cross my threads. Glad at least to hear someone talking enthusiastically about clunies!

  2. Sorry I don't know the answer, as I have never tried cluny leaves, if you find out I would love to know too.