Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Third Face

Thanks to LadyTats, I can give you a link to the tutorial I'm using to tat a cube. Faces one and two were relatively straightforward. But for the third face, you need to finger tat the fourth edge, as a Single shuttle split ring, to make sure that the thread is in the right place for the next face. Hmmm. I struggled with that. I gave it some thought as we drove to town and managed it when I got home again. The neat thing is that when you close the SSSR, you use the bead as an anchor to prevent it from disintegrating. Clever. Face four is the same as face three, so that was no problem. But face five requires finger tatting on two edges. My first attempt is a mess. I hope I can remove it without damaging the first four rings. I was making very slow progress when I kept starting from scratch each time I made a mistake!


  1. I did download the instructions when I found them, but it may be late winter before I can even think about trying this. After Christmas I hope things settle down a bit.

    1. I downloaded the tutorial quite a while ago, so long I couldn't remember where I found it! It has been on my to-do list.

  2. Dat ziet er kunstig uit, knap dat je het tot zo ver voor elkaar hebt, succes met het vervolg!

  3. Ah, see - I agree! I think the securing of the SSSR on the corner beads is genius! (I leant it on a cute small pattern called "celtic curly wreath", available here:

    As to how long ago you downloaded it, I published it in January! I know I have patterns in my "to do pile" for longer than that...

  4. Oh, I have the celtic curly wreath pattern, but I've never been able to understand it. Perhaps I should go back to it, now that you've pointed this out. Thanks.

    I have a lot of patterns on my to-do list. I thought these were different and intriguing, so they're early on my attempt to work through the list.