Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Nonevent

On our weekly trip to town yesterday, I planned to buy more organza to make food covers. There was a wide range in the shop and I spent a pleasant 10 minutes deciding which colours I wanted. Yellow might make the food look odd. Pale pink is pretty. Blue or turquoise? Then I needed someone to cut it for me. I stood around for a while. Then I went to the curtaining department, where three shop assistants stood in a huddle and asked them for help. One of them shrieked, 'Rachel' and when that had no effect, told me to go to the back of the material department and see if anyone was there. I did, and then I stomped out of the shop without any organza. If they can't be bothered, neither can I. Problem is, there isn't anywhere else in town I can get it. I'll have to wait for the next trip to Hartswater, I'm sure my favourite little wool/material shop there will have what I need. In the meantime I'll go back to sewing the edging to my tablecloth.

Here's a picture of a food cover I made several years ago, just for some eye candy.


  1. I bet if you'd helped yourself to their scissors and had begun to measure out the fabric, someone would have materialised quickly enough! It happens everywhere, unfortunately.

  2. I think you should have cut the material yourself. I would have.
    In this case I would call the shop ask to speak to the manager and tell them they lost a sale because no one would cut your material.
    they may think that just because they are the only shop in town, that they can get away with bad manners. Tell them you will see what you can find online. Here in the US there are many online fabric shops. I would think that there should be a few in your country as well. then you can order your material and bypass the local shop. state to them that is what you will do from now on. Not only have they lost the 1 sale, they may have lost all future sales as well. See if they don't do their best to get you back in the shop.

  3. I have complained to the management before, when some material I bought was very skew, unusable, and just got a shrug. I understand why none of my neighbours shop there! It's a shame because they have a wide selection of fabrics, though the quality is sometime dubious.On line may be the way to go!