Monday, September 24, 2012

Layered Tatting

I like the look of layered tatting, where the layers are created simultaneously. The flower is by Jennifer Williams. The butterfly is from Mary's blog. It's interesting that the joining is not the same in the two pieces. In the flower, the small rings are joined to each other. In the butterfly, they are joined to the large ring behind them, with the next large ring joined to the same picot. But the effect is much the same.


  1. I also like the look of layered tatting. The only piece I've tried is the ruffled snowflake from Lene Bjorn's book. I think I should give these two a try!

  2. I've loved the layered tatting since I first saw it. There's a pretty butterfly in Teri Dusenbury's book of butterflies and the flower idea first emerged in Mary Maynard's book. A looooong time ago!!

    1. Yes, Jennifer Williams mentions Mary Maynard in her instructions for layered tatting. Has many possibilities, I'm sure. I've seen earrings on someone's blog, not sure exactly where now.

  3. has a butterfly with layered tatting as well.

  4. Oh, ok, thanks, I didn't realise that butterfly was layered.

  5. I hope that you like my butterfly.Look great.
    Today I will try the flower. Is beautfil.

  6. Awesome...I love it....I will try the beautiful pink one....