Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Layered flower earrings

I used the same pattern as yesterday, Jennifer Williams's Flower using two layered tatting, only I used beads instead of making picots on the big rings and added beads when joining the picots on the small rings. I also used size 40 thread instead of 20, to make them a reasonable size for an earring. Each one is about 3cm across.


  1. Wow, those beads really jazz those up and make them outstanding!

  2. These flowers look like Mary Maynards from her book "Tatting Rings of Flowers."

    1. Jennifer Williams mentions Mary Maynard.I used Jennifer's pattern and her stitch count.

  3. I believe these attractive looking earrings are going to look great on your ears. I have hand crafted them out of a beautiful stong denim fabric. They will be a exciting pair of fashionable earring to wear, and will look excellent in your ears, and fun to wear.