Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stacked Dimple Rings

 I haven't yet mastered the stacked dimple ring, explained by Crazy Mom here. My stack is curving. I think that's because of the way I joined on the second half of the split ring. I couldn't close the last ring. I think the last stitch must've unflipped. Back to the shuttles I go.

We went to Hartswater on Thursday. Jack's dentist appointment was a failure, but I was happy that I bought some organza for food covers from a very friendly shopkeeper.
Pretty colours, aren't they? The organza is 150 cm wide, so I bought 150 cm of each colour, which I will cut into quarters. I did once make a food cover that was 150 cm square, but that was a little excessive.


  1. Pretty colours!

    Never heard of stacking hearts - I will go have a look...
    Fox : )a

  2. Yup, it's how you're joining the 2nd half of the split ring. But you've got the technique!

  3. Your stacked dimple rings look like sweet hearts!! :)