Friday, September 28, 2012

Aha, a Cube

Albeit a rather wobbly one. And a tetrahedron, also rather wobbly. It's quite difficult to get the tension the same on all the faces. The first ring tends to be bigger and looser than the ones that have joins and are looped around beads.  I guess it's a matter of practice. See yesterday's post for a link to the tutorial I used to make these. I'm not sure how many practical applications they have, but I'm thinking of making cube earrings.


  1. Very cool! I must check the link...
    Fox : 0

  2. Yay! You did it!

    They look great! I confess, I have never tried to do them - they are soooooo tiny! My brother has much more patience than I do. I liek the way the colours work, they could totally be earrings!

  3. Looks cool, maybe I should give it a go too...

    1. yes, yes do! we (my brother and I) are here to help - and you have Jane's fresh experience too!