Friday, September 28, 2012

Cube Earrings

 More funky than elegant. I realised when I was tatting the tetrahedron that I was making things unnecessarily difficult for myself in the way I was constructing the cube. It's possible to join on the finger tatted section of the SSSR, but it's fiddly and  not strictly necessary for the cube. So here's how I did the cube for the earrings (This is not a substitute for Andres Mancenido's excellent tutorial, it's an extra guideline to the cube specifically)

R1: 4 beads on back of hand, shuttle tatted *Bead 1-2-2-1, repeat 4 times
R2:  2 beads on hand, side 1 joined to R1, Side 2, shuttle tat, bead in position, side 3 finger tat, bead in position, side 4 finger tat
R3: 1 bead on hand, side 1 joined to R2, side 2 joined to R1, side 3 shuttle tat, bead in position, side 4 finger tat
R4: as for Ring 3, joining to appropriate edges
R5: Side 1, shuttle tat, sides 2 -4 shuttle tat, joining as you go.
R6, shuttle only, joining all sides.

Ok, enough of this now. This is my # 2 for the challenge.


  1. Those earrings are cute. Thanks for the pattern rewrite, I will have to add that to the tutorial.

    1. Yes do, it might save you some effort! The tutorial is in general terms.

  2. Well, Jane, it seems I got to read this when you were done... I am very happy you got to play with this to your satisfaction and even get some funky earrings out of it!

    I will talk to my brother and as soon as either of us has some time, we will include the re-writing or something similar in a new version of the tutorial.

    Thanks again for doing this, I hope you had fun!

    1. I did have fun, say thanks to your brother from me, good job. Yes, I think if you gave instructions for one specific shape as well as the general principles, it would be easier for a non-mathematician to get their head around :-) I chose the cube first because it's the most recognisable shape, but the tetrahedron is probably easier.

    2. Thanks a lot for the feedback. We are so excited that someone dared attempt them! He saw your posts and was happy and excited to see his idea works for someone else too! So thanks from him too for doing it and for the feed back.