Thursday, September 13, 2012

LadyTat's Suggestion

Yesterday I went to the local craft group meeting and played with clay. Well, it wasn't really clay, it was an artificial substitute called Gold Mile. It can be rolled and cut, shaped and manipulated, but doesn't need to be fired. It can be painted with acrylic paints too but, luckily for me, doesn't have to be.

This morning I thought, hmmm, I could perhaps use my left over clay to make the 'Lady Hoare shuttle' that LadyTats told me about. In a comment on my post about using 4 ply cotton for tatting, LadyTats gave me a link to a shuttle on etsy that I could use for tatting with thick thread. The ones on etsy are wooden, but I thought I might be able to copy them in the artificial clay. I rolled it out, then rolled the tatting onto the clay to mark it and cut the shuttles out. Now I must wait for them to dry before I can try them out. Thanks LadyTats.


  1. Neat idea!! Hope they work really well!! :)

  2. you are very welcome. this will be an interesting experiment.