Monday, May 1, 2023



I had a look at photos and pictures of lavender on google. It turns out that lavender comes in many shapes and sizes! So this is my lavender sprig, tatted with Josephine knots and encapsulated tatting. One thing I learnt, if the knots are not closed tightly, the three knots end up looking like one entity. 

Muskaan sent me a link to her blog entry about tatting lavender. She also sent me an email with photos of Anita Barry's version. Thanks muskaan. They were both trying to emulate a picture on Pinterest from I haven't been able to find that one. Their versions are more substantial than mine.  


  1. Lovely! Lavender is one of my favorite plants. We keep trying to grow it here. We've had a few plants last as long as three years, but most die off after the first year.

  2. Oh, these could just as well be bluebells! I love the shapes created by those Josephine ring clusters. 💜💜💜