Saturday, May 27, 2023

This And That


I've finished the helix striped socks, ready for next week's market. 

I made another batch of piccalilli. This one has bell peppers in it, which may give it more of a kick than a traditional piccalilli. I thought of calling it 'piccalilli with a wha' - we used to have a neighbour who served 'coffee with a wah', which had a dash of brandy in it. 

Yesterday, at the craft group, we decorated tiny bottles with pressed flowers (and a bit of glitter!) I was given the bottles and then browsed Pinterest for ideas on how to use them. I used this tutorial  for decorating bottles with pressed flowers,  though of course we won't be able to put lights in ours, and this tutorial for how to press flowers. I used my iron because I didn't have much time. I was really impressed with how well it works! 


  1. Great socks and pretty bottles!! :)

  2. Lovely pair of socks, well done and lovely bottles

  3. Love the little bottles - what a great idea.

  4. What a splendid bottle decoration idea! 🌹🌹🌹