Tuesday, May 2, 2023



I've knitted up the yarn I dyed and spun last week, as I described here.  I think it turned out well, so I'm going to make another batch. I have some dye left over from this project, so I'm using the same colours. But I decided to dye the three colours separately, which will give me more control over the colours when I spin. I didn't want to have to use the oven three times over, so I put the roving into oven bags and cooked them together:

I rinsed the wool and put it out to dry:

It'll soon be ready to spin. Oh, before I forget, the hat pattern is Fishtail Hat Pattern from Knitamaniacs. 


  1. LOVE that colourway and the hat pattern too. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do for the next batch.

  2. It looks lovely! 🩵🩷💜 Can't say I understand the mechanics of dyeing and spinning, though 🙃

  3. That colorway and hat are awesome!!! :)