Monday, May 22, 2023

Stripes Of A Different Sort


I'm working on another pair of socks, in helix stripes. Basically, you knit a third of each round in each colour, rather than have all the colour changes at the beginning of the round. This magically avoids the 'colour jog', so the stripes appear to be complete. Working with five needles and three balls of wool can result in tangles periodically, but there you go, it's worth having to unscramble now and then.  I'm using a short row heel on this pair. I had a problem with the afterthought heel on my last pair of helix socks, though I've worked out how to overcome it - position the heel so that there are no colour changes where the heel will be. Right, I'm off to start the second sock. 


  1. What a clever idea. Not easy working with three balls of wool, though!

  2. Wow, love it! Definitely worth the extra effort 🩵💙💜