Thursday, May 18, 2023

Gift Bags Again


 I'm still working on my stripey socks, but I had to take some time out to prepare for tomorrow's craft group meeting. We're going to make gift bags. When we made them in 2021, I blogged about it, and put a link to the tutorial that I used.  So, of course, I went back to that link when I wanted to make bags again. Alas and alack, the link seems to have been hijacked. When you click on it, either from my blog or from Pinterest, you get something about dumpsters and home improvements! There are other tutorials on Pinterest, but I like this pattern because it uses cuts that make the bottom easier to construct. Luckily I had written out step-by-step instructions for someone, and those were still on my computer. With a bit of trial and error, I was able to make a bag. Today's job is to prepare the carboard for the craft group members, so they can do the decoration and then assemble the bag. 


  1. Love the idea and your beautification. 🩵💙🩵 It is sad that many links are becoming defunct.

  2. What a sweet and cheerful gift bag!!! :)