Monday, May 15, 2023

Stripey Yarn


I had to put my colour spinning on hold for a bit, but got back to it and finished it yesterday. I gave the yarn a wash and dried it in the sunshine.  Usually, I just wind a skein into a ball when I'm ready to knit it, but I rolled the two full skeins into balls straight away, so that I could be sure to keep the colour sequence the same in both

Of course I couldn't wait to see how it knits up:

Aha, looks pretty much how I intended! I pondered which sort of heel to knit and decided that an afterthought heel would disturb the stripe pattern least. 

The line of green stitches is holding the place for the heel that I'll knit after the rest of the sock is done. 


  1. That’s so, so clever how it’s worked out. I’ve always wondered how ‘they’ got yarn to do that striped effect.

  2. It looks fantastic! The stripes worked out beautifully.

  3. Hats off to your precision dyeing! Beautiful socks 🩷💙💜