Monday, May 8, 2023

Flame Lily

 Could I tat a flame lily, I was asked last week. I have tatted flame lilies before, in 2013, you can see them here and here.  But I started from scratch, and came up with this:

For the petals, I had yellow on the shuttle and red on the ball, did direct tatting to begin with and then Victorian sets. I might have known about direct tatting before I read muskaan's blog, but her regular use of the technique was definitely an influence. 

I'm pleased with the stamens. They had me puzzled, how was I going to do the bits at the end? Early this morning I thought of Jane Eborall's alien, of tat it and see fame, and wondered if I could use a twisted picot to achieve the look I wanted. I could, it worked! 

The pattern needs some refinement, but it's recognisable. Here's a picture of a flame lily in my garden:


  1. So satisfying to get the look you want especially when there are so many tatting techniques and effects to choose from! I prefer your previous 3D versions, though 😍

    1. Yeah, perhaps I should revisit them. This one would be quicker if I need to make a number of them.

  2. Looks great!! :)
    You taught me something new again. I have never heard of flame lily until today. ;)

  3. Flame Lily sounds so exotic! Your tatting looks exotic also!!