Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Flame Lily

 Aha, not so difficult to tat a flame lilly in yellow and red after all. I made a yellow chain with ruffled picots and then did inverted tatting in red around that chain. I made a separate yellow chain for each petal, but the red is continuous. This one is made in size 40 thread because that's what I had in the correct colours.


  1. Replies
    1. No, it's not very big, couple of inches, 5 or 6 cm. My tatted ones are pretty much life size. It's indigenous to Zimbabwe and parts of South Africa, I don't know where else. It can be cultivated in gardens, but is more often found in the wild. And pretty though it is, it's poisonous!

  2. Lovely flame flower, you have really got the hang of it.

  3. Yes it is and nice job. I have different sizes of thread and am working on a doily that has 40 and 50 sizes I made it up. but I don't think its worth writing up directions because how many have that combination? That's going to be my upcoming post entitled "waiting room tatting" ha ha

  4. Gorgeous ! You make it sound so easy, but so far I've found it a bit difficult to control the threads ;-P
    Love your ruffled picot idea, too. Gives it added dimension, instead of normal picots.