Monday, August 1, 2022



I finished another pair of fingerless gloves yesterday, to replace gloves I sold at the market. I managed to buy some pink wool dye locally. It's not the same brand as the dye I usually use, so I wasn't sure I could use it together with my usual dye. But it worked fine. I read the label carefully and learnt that the acid and spreader are already mixed with the dye. So I added vinegar and dishwashing liquid to the blue dye as usual, but just added water to the pink. I set the dye in oven as usual, ignoring the instructions for boiling on the pink label! A customer at the last market asked if I had anything in pink. Now I can say yes. 


  1. You are moving from strength to strength ! 😍

  2. Love that color combination. Will have to look into knitting fingerless gloves/mittens. Might be a good fall idea here.