Thursday, August 18, 2022

I Learnt Something


A few weeks ago, we made these mug rugs in the craft group, using a pattern from another group. The pattern came with instructions on hemming the round part of the rug, the part that forms the back of the mug rug and is folded over to the front. I used the same method to hem the milk jug cover yesterday. 

Sew a running stitch right round, close to the edge of the fabric. Put a circle of paper in the centre and then pull the running stitch up so that the fabric gathers around the paper:

Press it and then remove the paper:

Aha. I remember struggling to hem the milk jug covers neatly when I made them in 2013. (See previous post for links)  I sewed beads onto the hem to hold it down, and then trimmed the hem. 

With the addition of the Endrucks-derived hearts, the milk jug cover is complete:


  1. So pretty, I remember my Gran having milk jug covers. I use mine straight from the bottle, lol

  2. Splendid and the cover looks quite elegant for an English tea. 💕💕💕
    Such a practical technique! Even better than what some paper hand quilters use.

  3. Such a pleasing cover! Well done!!

  4. I reckon I could adapt that idea to a project that I’ve got on the sewing table at the moment. I’ve hit a sticky patch and this might help solve the problem.