Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Dyeing For Socks


I've just spun a double batch of wool, ten skeins altogether. I've left most of it unwashed until I know what it's going to become. I just washed and dyed these skeins - two full skeins and two half skeins - for socks. The sun is shining, so they should dry pretty quickly. 

I'm busy preparing cards and envelopes for the craft group to decorate on Friday. I was a bit shocked at how I'd forgotten how to make the envelopes! I had to consult Pinterest again. Admittedly, I did grasp the details much quicker than when I made them a couple of months ago. 


  1. Lovely looking yarn! I hope the cards and envelopes are fun for the group. Speaking of......I have letters I should write......

  2. Nice work!!! You really make very good use of Pinterest 😃🥰