Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Time Off

 It's a long weekend here. I haven't done much crafting, barely made a start on the sock I dyed wool for during the week. We watched some sport - rugby on a big screen and horse jumping for real. On Saturday I helped man a stall at a market to raise funds to support seniors in the community. We didn't sell much but it was good publicity. The raffle was very successful. Looks like a good route to people's pockets! I read a library book on Sunday, Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler. Anne Tyler is one of my favourite authors. I was really lazy on Sunday because we had a braai in the afternoon and Jack did all the cooking. Yesterday I cooked up tomatoes with onion for the freezer. Today I've made date loaf and coffee biscuits to fill the tins. But this afternoon I must get back to my sewing machine and make some bath puppets. The next market is on the 20th. I have no puppets in stock and need to make 10 or so before then. 

What's a post without pictures?  This is the date loaf, cooling after coming out of the oven. 


  1. You have been busy, Jane. That’ll keep you out of mischief!!!!

  2. Had to look up what a braai is. That sounds like a lot of good fun and food!

    1. I did mean to put barbecue in brackets, but forgot. When I thought of it again, I decided it would be easy enough to look up!

  3. This looks yummmy and scrumptious! Wonder if I've ever read Anne Tyler - will look her up