Monday, March 16, 2020

Cloth Flower

I bought a remnant of fabric last week, to add a strip to the bedroom curtains I'm making. But when I came to use it this morning, I discovered that it's really dirty. I'll have to wash and iron it before I can use it. So in the meantime I thought I'd try making this cloth flower.

The tutorial is here.   I don't like the bling that the original uses to cover up the centre. I made fabric  circles instead. I'm thinking of using buttons to sew the flowers to the bathroom curtains that are next on the agenda. I gave away most of my fabric scraps when we moved house. Luckily a friend of mine was happy for me to raid her fabric stash! The tutorial says to use a stiff fabric, but since each petal is four layers, I think it's best to use a fine fabric. I tried one with gingham - it turned out a bit bulky and the gathering stitches were hard to sew.


  1. I really like this flower, before I had read all of the post I was thinking they would look nice stitched to curtains and voila! you were going to do just that.
    Lets see when they are complete, bet they will look wonderful

  2. I really like your flower! I purchased a book on fabric flowers many years ago. Every once in a while I take it off the shelf and look at it, but I've never actually tried making one. Maybe now is the time!

    1. Probably helps if you have a use for them. Though they’re fun to make anyway.

  3. If you add a tatted centre, these would be great as boutonnieres for International Tatting Day. Get some chocolate ready!

  4. Beautiful flower i think a button is just as good as anything

  5. I love crafts with buttons. Very creative to sew them on to the bathroom curtains.