Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Bedroom Curtains

After a lot of diversions and delays, the guestroom has curtains.

When I was in the fabric warehouse buying the white fabric, a fellow customer asked me who was going to make my curtains. "Me!" I said, rather indignantly. I think he may have been looking for business. He said his wife started a business making men's shirts and now they employ 18 people. I told him I make Jack's shirts too, so I'm not a good prospect!

I went to a more 'upmarket' shop for the decorative fabric. Hmm. Next time I buy a remnant, I'll open it up in the shop to make sure the folds are not shopsoiled. I put the fabric in with a load of washing, but I can still see the marks. I contemplated taking it back to the shop, but I'm pretty sure remnants are sold 'voetstoets' - as is, let the buyer beware. I can't even console myself that I got a bargain because it was quite expensive.


  1. Well I bet you’ll be the only one who will ever notice the marks, Jane. The curtains look lovely.

  2. The curtains are lovely! I've had the same thing happen. Sometimes I can get the marks out with Fels Naptha soap, but even that doesn't always work.

  3. I love how the curtain filter the sunlight. As a novice seamstress, that is good advice.

  4. Turned out lovely but as Jane said, it's probably only you who will notice any marks.

  5. I have had that happen to me but not with curtains so I was able pattern peices around them, I can see where curtains might be a problem but looks like you pulled it off well😁

  6. What a pity, bargains dont always work out, now all you need is guests