Monday, October 15, 2018

Work Shirts

Jack needs a new batch of work shirts for Summer. When I made the last lot, three years ago, I had the brilliant idea of making the pockets and collars different on each one, for variety. Problem was, the pockets and collars wore out long before the main part of the shirts did. So this time I've bought a very sturdy contrast fabric for the pockets and collars, but all the shirts will be the same. At least they won't be as boring as the monochrome ones Jack complained about. My plan is to make four shirts, this is the first one.

PS Maureen asked whether S twist or Z twist yarn is better for tatting. I did some tiny samples and I think the answer is Z twist, where the thread is twisted anticlockwise. With an S twist, the thread gradually unravels as you work, whereas with Z twist, the twist increases. Either way you probably have to drop the shuttle periodically to let the thread revert to original.


  1. I remember when you made the others! Odd that the other fabric wore out so much faster, looking forward to how these wear.

  2. Was it really three years ago? My, how time flies!

  3. Very smart new work shirt for Jack! And that's interesting about the Z twist. I bought so many balls of gorgeous coloured size 70 thread years ago, because it was being sold for only $1 a ball. I couldn't tat with it at all, it twisted so badly that closing rings was impossible. It must have had an S twist.

    1. I think it would be Z twist, then the twist increases as you work, which can be unmanageable. S twist unravels, which can also be tricky!

  4. I remember your previous shirt too (I can't believe that is 3 years ago!), they are all well done. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the S/Z twist.

  5. Gosh time has flown by, they lasted well, hope he likes your new batch of shirts

  6. Like others I can't believe it's been 3 years - I remember those shirts. I like the combo in this - very safari-like. Here's hoping for their longer life ;-D
    Thanks about the Z & S twist tip !!!