Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Thread Test

Now that I've got the thread recommended for the embroidery competition, I had to see if it would work with my chosen design. It does, I like the textured effect. The thread is DMC cotton perle number 5:
The design is from NeedlenThread.com. 

I was advised to put a frame around the flower vine. I thought perhaps fly stitch, so I tried it out:
I think it's too spiky next to the sinuous vines. I'll try something else.


  1. I love embroidery and fun to see how your thread works out.are the white dots French knots?

    1. Yes. French knots in yellow on the flowers too.

  2. I love that you try so many different things! Your embroidery is beautiful!

  3. That’s the best looking perle cotton, il est seen! It has marvelous texture! Tatting with perle cotton is fairly un satisfying to me but here, it really looks amazing!

  4. Beeeeyoutifully embroidered !
    I agree about the spiky frame, though I like how you repeated the floral element/French knot in it!