Thursday, October 4, 2018

Palestrina Stitch

After a few failed experiments, I decided I like palestrina stitch. I used this video tutorial to learn how to do it. I like the idea of using the flower colours in the border, to link the border with the design, so I added them using French knots. Mmm, no, I feel that they overwhelm the green palestrina part. How about running stitch? Add blue too? I have some time to contemplate before I work the border. Any suggestions welcome!


  1. This is adorable it looks like a little garden I can see where it could be overwhelming maybe place flowers only in corners or at top an bottom of an oval or circular design

  2. It's very pretty! I like it by itself foe a border but with the French knots is quite pretty too, just remarkably different, maybe you’ll be able to find application for it too?

  3. That's a lovely stitch, I've bought a book about it and learned that is a technique invented in 1907. The stitches are supposed to be very close each other, so it seems that there wouldn't be space for the French knots.

  4. That’s interesting. I’ll do another sample with stitches closer together.

  5. I like the French knots. If they are too much, you might try a lazy daisy and/or alternating the colors (side to side).

  6. Unless I see it in hand, it is difficult to suggest for sure. But here are my questions that only you can answer -
    1. the stitch is definitely nice but would it be too raised compared to the main embroidery?
    2. the French knots need to be fewer, and perhaps not so regularly placed?
    3. The main body of work is more freeform/freestyle. This frame is a lot more structured and 'rigid'. Do the 2 go together?
    4. Have you considered something like an open-fly stitch, with a few french knots?
    I don't have any answers, sorry, but hope this helps a bit?

    1. Thanks for the input. Hmm. Turns out the advice to ‘just add a frame ‘ is easier said than done!