Thursday, October 18, 2018

I Give Up

On the Post Office, that is. My daughter kindly posted me thread to redo the crochet top that is too small,  That was in June, and I still haven't received it. I suspect it is languishing in a parcel mountain, formed when post office personnel went on strike. I need an 'evening project' to work on, so I've started redoing the top using a thread I bought locally.

 It is labelled as 'microfibre'.  I assume that means it's completely synthetic, which is not ideal for competition, where natural fibres are 'recommended'. On the plus side, it is shiny, which I hope means makes it suitable for 'evening wear'. When, or if, the other thread turns up, I'll make another top using a different pattern.


  1. Sorry to hear about the package not turning up. Our Royal Fail should lately be re-named 'Royal Mail' as they seem to have got their act together at the moment.

  2. How frustrating! I hope it shows up soon. The thread you're using does have a nice sheen.

  3. Wow, that's a long delay, I hope you'll get your parcel soon!
    The microfibre should indeed be synthetic (??) but it looks pretty, it looks like a high twist thread - your stitches will be well defined, which I assume will score points with the jury :)

  4. They color you have is gorgeous!!! :)

  5. Gorgeous colour and lovely pattern
    A lot of parcels go missing in the uk, I was told at the post office who now ask what is in the parcel, if they don’t like the look of a parcel they throw them away. Hope yours turns up soon