Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Another Pair

Since these socks are the same as the pair I knitted recently, I had memorised the pattern, so they were good for 'hospital knitting'. I'm a bit of a fidget fingers, didn't want to sit doing nothing while waiting for Jack's test results or visiting him in hospital. I did have my tatting with me, but Skipping ropes takes more concentration than I had to hand, the socks were easier.  I thought the toes on the previous pair looked a bit skimpy, so I knitted several rounds with the contrast yarn before I started decreasing. I didn't have my tapestry needle with me, so I cast off the toes using a 3-needle cast off:
I think they turned out pretty well considering they're made with three different oddments of yarn.


  1. They look wonderful! I'd wear them happily.

  2. You tempt me to pick up my knitting needles ... if only I didn't have so much tatting filled/left in me ;-P
    I absolutely love this stitch!

  3. So thankful your husband is getting well after his hospital visit. Lovely knitted socks. Your many needle talents are amazing. <3