Thursday, June 14, 2018

Of Skipping Ropes and Fish

I thought I'd start another curds and whey lace as a 'handbag project', but when I was looking in the book, Tatting with Visual Patterns, for the pattern, I came across Mary Konior's skipping ropes edging and decided I'd work that one instead. I scribbled a copy of the diagram so that I can take it with me instead of carrying the whole book. The pattern is worked entirely in chains, so that one shuttle full of thread should go a long way. The thread is a charity shop find, I don't know what brand it is, but the colour is mink, subtly variegated.

I also wound thread for Carollyn's fishy tat along, which is here. It's a small project, the perfect diversion from my crochet.


  1. I am skipping along as well :-)

  2. Great start to your edging!! :)
    I am sure your fish will be great!! :)

  3. Why is it called Curds and Whey. I liked the little fish, would make good earrings.

    1. I’m not sure, it’s sort of frothy, perhaps that’s it. Skipping ropes is easier to understand because the outer chains go above and below like skipping.

  4. Lovely edging look forward to seeing how it works out.
    I am yet to get my shuttles ready I think we will al be fishy by the end of the week

  5. Oh thank you for the link, and I love a great find with thread. I have that book and need to check it out I cant recall that pattern­čî╗