Wednesday, January 31, 2018


This is Lace-lovin' Librarian's Hexagon Ice Drop, which can be found here. I haven't used Josephine knots a great deal, but I like how they look here. I did round 3 before round 2, a trick I learnt from Nicola Bowersox's patterns, so that the gem doesn't need to go in until right at the end. It doesn't work with all patterns, I have to remember (!) but it works for this one.


  1. Oh wow i haven't started mine yet so i will keep this in mine.💟this is beautiful love it💖

  2. It's fabulous!!! :)
    Write a note on the pattern for yourself(that's what I do to remember).

  3. Very nicely done! I love it in the pink. I tend to tat the first one in the original order just so that I can see how everything will lie and to determine if the pattern is conducive to switching rounds 2 and 3. I agree that this one works well with switching the two rounds. An added bonus is that when I can switch the rounds, I can easily give the piece a shot of steam before encasing the glass gem, making a much nicer finished Ice Drop.

    1. Good idea to steam it before adding gem. Hmm, must remember that.

  4. See Diane's ice drop and now yours, so tempted to make one!

  5. Lovely Hexie Ice Drop. So Pretty in Pink. <3