Saturday, January 20, 2018

Day 2

South Africa is two hours ahead of UK (when there's no daylight saving), so it's mid-morning before Jane's tat it and see appears here. I wait with bated breath! It's now too long to be the body of a butterfly, but I suppose it is the centre of something, with picots both sides. 


  1. I have some catching up to do! What color thread are you using? It's very pretty!

    1. It’s Milford thread, has lost its label but is ‘something pastel’.

  2. Well maybe my snake theory is still working so far 🤔 hey that varegated pastel is a pretty one

  3. It's early evening here in Queensland when the new parts come. We don't have daylight saving here,but the other states do.I am guessing that it's some sort of animal, because of the two beads.