Saturday, January 27, 2018

Elephants And Peacocks

I still think Jane Eborall's tat it and see looks like an elephant's trunk. I was thinking in terms of tatting the head of an elephant, or the TIAS would take all year! The contrasting thread to come is for the tusks?

I tried out muskaan's peacock motif, the pattern is on this post. I don't have thread in the wonderful turquoise that muskaan used, but I like it all the same. My stitch count for the third ring is not right, but if I did it again I would shorten the second layer and then make the third one according to the pattern.


  1. Okay I can see your vision of the elephant and actually think it's a good idea, hope Jane isn't too disappointed that you have figured it out. I'll try not to say anything 😄
    Also I do love this cool onion ring pattern yours is fine and thanks for the link, every needs to try this one. 🌻

  2. I can see your vision of an elephant also! I am way behind on the TIAS. I hope to catch up today. Muskaan's post was fascinating. I wonder where I've put my peacock colors?

  3. Loving your tats today, especially since we are thinking alike! I just posted my elephant trunk guess and hopped on over to read the latest tatting blog posts to find that you think the same. Wheee! Big Hugs from Virginia, US.

  4. Since this is perhaps the last TIAS, Jane may well have planned it as a year-long mystery ;-P
    It does look like a trunk, though!
    Thanks for trying out the medallion - your colours are very pretty!
    I am realising that I tat more tightly/snug stitches more tightly than many others.
    Even with the larger layers, it looks good :-))))

  5. Your daily tatting amazes me. I agree wih your elephant idea. Peacock looks interesting too. <3

  6. It does look like an elephant's trunk, but I also could see it side ways as an alligator or crocodile tail. ;)
    Wonderful peacock motif!! :)