Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Starting Point

Lucy's crocheted triangles start each new round with a chain of 6.
I've never started granny rounds like this before, so I was a bit puzzled. But eventually I realised that it enables you to crochet over all the ends except, obviously,  the last one.
I crocheted over the starting thread and left the end thread.
I started the next, green, round in the corner before the white end, as you can see in the top picture. I worked three trebles (UK terminology) over the green starting thread.
And then encapsulated the white end thread in the green corner. Aha.  At the end of the round,  two trebles are worked
And then a slipstitch half way up the starting chain  completes the 'shell' and corner chain.

This leaves the yarn end in the centre to be hidden in the next round. The traditional method is to work three chain as the first treble of the corner. This means the end thread is two trebles away from where the next row corner is worked. It's possible to hide the thread, but will leave an exposed loop of yarn.
 I sewed in the last end thread and  snipped off all the excess bits.
Which is neat and saves a lot of time and fossicking about, looking for my needle!


  1. Excellent point to remember, I love your working this pattern I have had it pinned on Pinterest for many moons now and kind of feel your my proxy since I may never get to this­čśä

  2. Great pictorial !
    I start with a single simple knot (to allay my fears of unraveling)to previous element and then carry on according to pattern, crocheting over the tail. Intended to share but never got around to it .