Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Answer

I think it's clear from this post that I wasn't really happy with the back of my mandala cushion. Something was off, but I couldn't put my finger on what. I took it to a craft group meeting and got the answer - the back needs to be blue to tone with the front of the cushion. Aha. Yes. So all I have to do is detach it from the front, unravel it, wind the cotton into skeins, dye them blue and then redo it. Simple. Simple but a trifle tedious, so I have left it until the deadline loomed.
At first I was worried about the 'wrinkles', but actually they're necessary so that a cushion will fit inside. I'm hoping that the crochet buttons echo the waterlily on the front. Here's the original back:
And the front:


  1. Yep, yep- they're exactly right! I wouldn't have come up with it but they are right. Well, worth any tedium.

  2. The right colour can make so much a difference ! Bravo :-)

  3. Your redo s a huge success. I love the blue background with the pink crocheted buttons. Blue Ribbon Cushion!!!