Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Still Raining

It's another wonderfully overcast, drizzly day. Anyone round here who complained would risk lynching, because we really, really need rain.  So suffice it to say, I think I've spun enough wool to finish my blanket, but it will have to wait until the sun comes out again to be washed.
As I can't finish the blanket right now, I've gone back to the Hardanger. That's probably a good thing. I've been procrastinating because I don't feel very confident about double faggot stitch. I took Maureen's advice, which was to stitch instinctively, and I'm thinking of it as a learning exercise.
The next step is to cut away the fabric from around the bookmark. Daunting, to say the least!


  1. So rain became the harbinger of hardanger :-D
    Your embroidery, and bookmark, is very beautiful !

  2. I love gentle all-day rains. I seem to remember more frequent ones when I was young. Now it seems that we get storms more often than gentle rains. It's probably all perspective.

    I love seeing your spun wool! I think if I ever decide to try Hardanger, I will buy a kit. I tend to go overboard in buying supplies, so a kit might do until I decide if I have the patience for it. Your stitching is beautiful, and I would be terrified that I would snip in the wrong place.

  3. This is the part of hardanger that I could never quite embrace. Fingers crossed!

  4. Your bookmark looks amazing to me!!! :)

  5. Glad you're having the rain you need. Our rain these days can turn to snow.

    Wonderful bookmark. I'm not great with needle and thread on fabric, but cutting would be intimidating! I still don't understand how one cuts out the tiny spaces inside the small squares! You seem to have mastered that already!

  6. This is the part of Hardanger that really scares me. I don't think I could ever get brave enough to cut the fabric away from the stitching.