Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Thanks to SherryL for pointing out yesterday that my needleweaving was a bit loose. I had forgotten to put the fabric onto an embroidery frame when I worked it. This morning I did the third set using a frame. The result was so much better that I unpicked the first two and redid them. Unpicking was easier than I had visualised, phew.


  1. Wow now you can visually see the difference, she must really work with this all the time 🌸

  2. I am fascinated! I just ordered a book on Hardanger so that I can read up on it. I don't know that I'll actually try it, but I'll have fun learning about it!

  3. What a splendid difference Sherry's tip has made ! Well done :-)

  4. I'm sure you must be doing it, but just in case.... After making a stitch in embroidery, while pulling the thread taut, I hold the stitch between my thumb & finger. This touch-feel helps guide how much to pull the thread so that stitch is flat & tight but fabric does not pucker.
    Your embroidery is lovely .

    1. Perhaps I do it instinctively? I haven't had a problem with puckering.