Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Open Squares

This is not a tutorial, you understand, it's just a response to a comment from someone who said they couldn't understand how the open squares were made on Hardanger work. The steps go like this:

A 'frame' of satin stitch blocks (kloster blocks) is worked.

The fabric is cut. In truth my scissors are not sharp enough for the job. I did contemplate leaving the job until I could borrow a really good pair of scissors, but the bookmark must be handed in at the next meeting, so I've carried on regardless.

The fabric threads which have been cut at each end are removed with tweezers.

This leaves a grid of threads like this.

Using a finer thread than was used for the kloster blocks, needle weaving is done on that frame of thread to reinforce them and make a set of open squares.

Like this.


  1. Great pictorial !!! Thanks for sharing the steps so clearly :-)

  2. It looks like it takes a great deal of patience to complete a Hardanger piece! I'm still looking for the perfect sharp embroidery scissors. Someday I will find them!

  3. You make it look simple! How about the ones with a "plus" sign through the middle?

    1. If I'm visualising the right thing, same method but different pattern of blocks and cutting.

  4. Thanks Jane for sharing your 'construction' method. I always assumed, wrongly, that lace was made on a lace pillow! The finished article looks so attractive.

  5. Anne, bobbin lace is made on a pillow. Hardanger is a kind of drawn thread and cutwork embroidery.

  6. Jane, it is looking good. Just one suggestion, when needle weaving the bars, give a nice tug on the thread (not too hard though). That will help them all to be even. When you do the dove's eyes, squares, picots, etc., the embroidery takes on a really lovely lacey appearance. In scissors, what you really need are a sharp pair with narrow blades. Most embroidery scissors I see right now are thick in the blade.

  7. Wow😀love the close up pictures and beautiful work I hate dull scissors and it reminded me of my friend that use exacto knife but that seems scary too😦this is beautiful 🌹💟🌹

  8. Hi Sherry L. I still have the drawn thread worked tablecloth I made at school some ..... years ago! I really enjoying doing it, so I must have been creating some Hardanger.