Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Pattern is Wrong

I undid my cardigan front to just above the cable shaping. The pattern says I should have 51 stitches at this stage. I have 46. That's because the pattern writer has taken into account the decreases between the cables, but has forgotten the side shaping! I found another mistake in the pattern too. It says to increase the garter stitch for the collar 17 times, when it should be 'until there are 17 stitches', or 11 times - the garter stitches already on the needle haven't been taken into account. The thing is, the pattern is very complicated, so if there are mistakes in it, the whole thing becomes impossible. Sure, it was a free pattern, but I feel I've wasted a lot of time on it.


  1. Free or not, it should have been properly proofed and tested before offering it to people - are you persevering with it? At least you have the experience to trust your own judgement, now that you know there are likely to be mistakes. Good Luck with it.

  2. I agree with Maureen that it should have been tested. Can you check on Ravelry to see whether there are notes/tips left by others who have knitted this pattern?

    1. I could rewrite the pattern or check Ravelry, but really I'm fed up now. I'm going to use the wool to knit a jersey for my husband instead.

  3. I'd have given up as well. I do find it frustrating when a pattern is filled with mistakes. I would rather wait a while longer than have to deal with errata.

  4. Why didn't the designer get the pattern tested, I know I have spent hours on patterns that just don't work as they say, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and give up.

  5. You did give it a good try, too bad the pattern was wrong.

  6. That is so sad!!! At least with knitting you can take the stitches out easier than tatting and then reuse the yarn!! :)

  7. That IS a bummer !
    We always had this problem with Indian patterns published in magazines. For generations, the designer would Never give full details. The internet & SM has probably changed that to some extent.
    So earlier, we never attempted an Indian pattern. All my pattern books are from the Europe or US.

    So the search for a new pattern begins. But lucky for the DH - he gets a new jersey ;-)))

  8. What a shame about the pattern, I had a glove pattern that was wrong in a magazine but I googled it and found that they had published the correct version on line so maybe it is worth a look