Monday, June 15, 2015

Cardigan Progress

The first thing I did was to knit a tension square. This was especially important because I'm using a yarn different to that specified in the pattern.  It measures just what it should, so that's fine, I can carry on with the pattern without changing needles or making adjustments.
I've knitted the back up to the armholes. I marked the rows where I decreased and increased to shape the back. That helped me count the rows between manoeuvres and will help me match the pieces properly when I sew the garment together:


  1. Looks like you are off to a great start!! :)

  2. Very nice! There's something about their one that really appeals to me, very "soothing".

  3. Wow! You are Miss speedy needles!

  4. You are cruising right along! From the looks of this and your pattern it's going to be beautiful.

  5. I'm always too lazy to make a tension square & have had to face bloopers because of it ... & a couple of times I did make one, along with pattern, it still did not come out right ;-P
    But I do use the markers, copiously ! Earlier I used wool scraps but now I like to use crochet cotton thread .

    I love the soft shade of your wool . By the time this comment reaches you, you would've progressed to the front panel :-)))

    1. I think it was working with handspun yarns that really made me appreciate the importance of tension squares. There's often no other way of functioning.

  6. You have made a good start, you will have it finished in no time at all

  7. Like muskaan, I've always been too lazy to make a tension square or gauge swatch. That's probably why I've never successfully knit a garment! I love watching your knitting progress. It's very inspirational!