Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sheep on the lawn

I've been bitten by the cleaning bug - high time too. It's very uninteresting. So I thought I'd show you this picture of sheep on the lawn that I took from my veranda this morning. The sheep are Dorpers. It's a meat breed, the little wool they grow is not used. Can you see the lambs at the back? We've had several pairs of twins this season. The white 'fence' around the flower garden is to protect the flowers and herbs in there from the sheep. The sheep have a wide area of veld to graze on, but they rather like the lawn and the flower beds.


  1. Nice to see your patch - now I can picture you "in place". Funnily enough, until last Saturday I had never heard of sheep which didn't have wool, but one of the QLD Tatters breeds fat lamb, and she says they only have hair which falls out.

  2. I've often thought it would be nice to have sheep so that Dave wouldn't have to spend so much time mowing. However, living by the highway would mean an awful lot of fencing would be needed, and that would probably cost more than the sheep.

  3. That's one way to keep the grass mowed :) I've always thought sheep were so cute. I didn't realize there were specific breeds for meat, I just thought all were good for both wool and meat. Some farmer I am!

  4. Looks like a beautiful day and I guess as good as any to clean. figures you would have sheep that are not the proper kind for wool :)

    1. Daft, isn't it? Gives me the excuse to buy wool that's washed and carded and ready to spin.

  5. Of course they like the lawn and flower beds, the flowers are pretty and the lawn is managed, who wants to eat rough grass.

  6. What a nice view to wake up to, I remember when I was on holiday on the Isle of skye we had sheep outside our bungalow and when we opened the bedroom window one of them stuck its little nose inside to say hello.