Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's Complicated!

I reknitted the triangle, decreasing every 6th row instead of every 4th, and it worked fine, hooray. But now I find I have the wrong number of stitches. The sides are shaped, the armhole is shaped, the collar is shaped and I've done one of them wrong. Oh dear. Perhaps this isn't the best project for evenings after all.


  1. Oh Bother! - can you identify the row where you went wrong? - it might not be too far back, with a bit of good knitting karma, you might be able to fix it without ripping it out.

  2. Oh what a shame as it looks gorgeous! Hopefully you don't have to rip it too far back to fix it :).

  3. Oh dear !
    I'm sure you will work it out somehow. The colour is fantastic & the cardigan is sure to look very nice :-)