Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Stitches

I've made a start to my embroidery. I cut a window in the covering muslin to expose one flower. I'm not convinced my chain stitch is absolutely smooth, but I don't want to keep starting again. If I get to the end of the project and decide I can do better after a lot of practise, I'll redo it then.

After I'd worked my sample, I read Mary Corbet's post Hand Embroidery Tips for Beginners and Beyond. I followed a link there to read about joining in new threads and realised I hadn't used the best method in my sample. I used the Away Waste Knot method, basically leaving a strand of thread that I sewed into the back of the work afterwards. It's a bit fiddly, especially with a small frame like mine, and wasteful of thread. So now I'm following Mary's instructions for anchor stitches on a line. I make a few small stitches of back stitch that will be covered by the subsequent chain stitch.

The stitches should be closer together, but even so I can see the method is effective and uses up less thread. So, I've learnt something, thanks Mary.


  1. You will be very elegant, working on this - I always used to love watching my mother with her embroidery - unfortunately I never mastered it.

    1. Funny you should say that, I said to Jack yesterday, I must look very odd, pulling faces as I concentrate! I aspire to elegance, but at this stage don't achieve it.

  2. Closer? They look pretty close. I'm loving the pink!

  3. 3 "I"s .....
    Interesting ,
    Informative , and
    you will need a 3rd 'eye' for such minute work ! :-)

  4. Embroidery was the first needle craft I was taught. Your flower has a great start.

  5. You have made a lovely start, I do like the pink colours!

  6. Beautiful flowers made with chai stiches.Wish you a nice weekend.