Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Outside In

When I worked the circle in chain stitch, I started in the middle and worked outwards. For the oval I started on the outside and worked inwards. It wasn't easy to turn without having any fabric  show through. I need to learn these things before I start embroidering on a real design.


  1. The circle looks easier than the oval to me. I always find ovals to be challenging.

  2. I think that would be more difficult -- working from out to in ?
    In fact that was what I had in mind when I said that filling up a scallop would be an advanced level. With scallop, you would probably have to start at the periphery ?
    However, parallel / concentric guide lines at appropriate distances is definitely helpful.
    Very very interesting (& helpful) watching your preparation and eventual progress :-)

  3. Your stitching looks good and the circle of rainbow colours is colourful, if that's a trial piece I wonder what you are thinking of doing

  4. I'm with God's kid, the colors are awesome.

  5. I'm just enjoying the colours you're using! - and my knowledge of embroidery is rudimentary, so I have no idea how you are making chain stitches so solid! This will be a fun project to follow.

  6. This is a nice start to the Indian chain stitch project, you have chosen beautiful colours!