Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I've finished one section of the poncho. If you use a different yarn for each row, you're going to have a lot of ends to deal with!
I debated whether to sew in the ends after each row or wait until I'd completed the section. I decided on the latter. It's easier to have needle and scissors on hand and get on with it, rather than having to keep looking for them. Also, I had to undo a section when the sides weren't straight, so I was glad I had made that choice. I threaded the ends into the back of the work. I think they're pretty well invisible:

I learnt to crochet as a child, but I haven't done a lot of it. I'm surprised how quickly it goes along. No wonder people crochet blankets and afghans.


  1. You can also crochet over the old colour when you begin the new row - just make sure the old colour is at the top of the work, so that it doesn't show through.I always leave a couple of inches after I've done that, just to run it in the other way, because it's friction which keeps the yarn from slipping out. I agree, much faster than knitting! - but not as drapey.

  2. You've done the ends perfectly, it looks fantastic! Sometimes I like taking a break from tatting to knit because you get a result so quickly but I miss the portability of tatting after a bit. Grass is greener....

  3. Love the colours.

    Yes, that is what I would do...it is far easier than dealing with all the finishing at completion. Your edge looks great.

  4. It looks fantastic! Those are an awful lot of ends to hide, but it looks like it will be well worth the effort.

  5. With tatting I finish the ends as I go, because they get tangled in with my next round but with this I can see where waiting to fix them in all at once is best. This is beautiful and going to be fun to wear. I am so amazed that you made the yarn an all.

  6. Looks neat and tidy, love the colours together